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maegami kawaii kawaii

Yea! Aren't Chinami and Eri's new haircuts cute?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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sleepingchild says: "... lj-cut, please?"


I miss Kamei's hair. It needs to be long again. If Konno ever cuts her hair like her and Iida... I will cry and cry and finally stop liking Hello! Project. (Yeah right... but I would be SOOOO DRAMATIC about it.)
i can see you being dramatic over bald konkon. what is a lj-cut?
It's something that people like to bitch about because their friends page isn't "pretty" anymore with pictures on it, cuz you know how important that is.
You know me. I don't give a f^3k! I didn't post them to be mean. TT____TT ...XDDDDDDD
and i know, maybe sleeping child won't wake up. little bugger!
HAHAHA, won't wake up. That's really funny!
he's actually not that bad. he did help me and post a link. he's my new friend now, i guess. O_O
Down, boy. LOL xD
I lurve it, Eri looks so mature now, esp. in the new MM video, but I do miss her old hair sometimes. Chinami, although she's my least favorite Berry looks very cute with her cut.
yea! i posted this like everywhere and you are the only one who thinks that they are both cute. eri looks TOTALLY MATURE w/her new haircut. konkon, reina, niigaki and sayumi all have long hair. it sets eri apart from the rest! chinami is my least favorite berryz koubou member (saki is #1) but i like her new haircut cos it looks like saki's. thanks for beein agreeable. ^3
Why don't you like Chinami? She's one of my favs. My order is like... Momoko, Maasa, Chinami
omg *cries* Chinami is my absolute number one fav Berryz member. Next is Yurina then Miyabi.
really? I like all of them. I don't dislike any of them. That's why I like Berryz most, cos none of them bug me or act stupid. Chinami is awesome!!!!!!!
haha the only two in berryz i dun really like are Massa and Maiha. its not that i dun like them they just dont stick out to me or dont appeal to me. like in videos i hardly notice them.
Maiha seems much taller than she used to be. XDDD Really!
Eri's haircut = :(. I don't really like it. I much perfer her old hair. Chinami's is okay. She's so cute anyway. But now she can't put them in cute pigtails like in Happiness Koufuku Kangei PV.
Almost everyone agrees with you on Eri! ^^ I had completely forgotten her pigtails in happiness PV. that is my least favorite pv and song by BK anyway. thanks for commenting! ^^ your icon is cool. it reminds me of the manpower PV.
haha even though its from Sayonara Tomodachi Ni Wa Naritakunai no. I un like the manpower much. OMG Happiness is one of my fav PV's and songs. haha
Yeah, The MANPOWER is totally cool. I like when they eat the fruit really fast. Hapiness is at the bottom of the list for me. My favorite Berryz songs are respectively...
1 - Semi
2 - Bye Bye Mata Ne
3 - Koishiteru Toki o Itsumo (title may be wrong)
i meant to say I DUN like Manpower. as in dont. haha. Semi is a really good song. My fav Berryz songs are
1) Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei~
2) Special Generation
3) Fighting Pose wa Date Janai!
Wow, you like the happy and fast songs. I have a friend just like you. ^^
haha dont get me wrong i like slow songs too, but i go to Berryz for the fast happy songs. I am a sucker for slow songs.
I got suckered in to Berryz with fast songs like Piriri and Fighting Pose. I'd probably still like those best if I hadn't played them to death!! XD My favorite Morning Musume song is Memory Seishun no Hikari.
well...that fine, but I like long hairs like at Momo-chan.