The girl of elasticity... (_elasticgirl_) wrote in 6kan,
The girl of elasticity...

2nd Photobook goes to...

oh darn I've forgotten about this community. Well I thought I'd share some new news.

Guess who's coming out with their 2nd Photobook in September??? ERI!!!

According to the Wani website, Eri's coming out with a new Photobook on September 16th. Here's a quote: (thx to Nishikaze)

"A cheerful and fun 16 years old daily life photobook. Set in Guam. A present reflection of Kamei Eri."

There's more good news. It also comes with a Making of DVD!!! Yay! this is so great! Guam? What a nice place, I'm sure it'll be a great PB. :D
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