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Ai no Dai 6kan [entries|friends|calendar]
Ai no Dai 6kan

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Icons! :D [25 Oct 2007|09:09pm]


★ Icon in this batch: 54;
☆[01-19] °C-ute
☆[20-40] Maki Goto
☆[41-54] Rika Ishikawa & Sayumi Michishige
★ Wallpapers in this batch: 3;
☆ [1] Yuko Oshima(AKB48)
☆ [2] Natsumi Abe
☆ [3] Chisato Okai (°C-ute)
★ LJ Headers in this batch: 1;
☆ [1] Rika Ishikawa & Sayumi Michishige

★ Teasers;

( jump!☆ in the starry sky</> )
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B.E.A.T.! ☆ Café [16 Oct 2007|11:34pm]

I figured some of you would be interested in joining, I'd like to share with you all a new internet Jpop girlgroup!

B.E.A.T.! ☆ Café

We are a small girlpop group who does Jpop numbers from all sorts of musical Japanese names and groups: Primarily Hello!Project, but many, many others as well.

Members and fans here can expect single covers, compilations, interviews, comic strips, and much more. =]
This is a fun place for fun music and cute things. n.n

Please do check us out! Auditions are being held, hope to see people there. n.n-

-seramew, group leader and coordinator. &hearts
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★Icon Batch + 6 wallpapers!★ [09 Jun 2007|11:57am]

★ 1-16 - 大塚愛
★ 17-20 - 嘉陽愛子
★ 21-28 - 宮崎あおい
★ 29-47 - 平野綾
★ 48-49 - Perfume
★ 50-51 - 岸本早未
★ 52-60 - 菅谷梨沙子
★ 61-71 - Various Magazine Scans
★ 72-87 - 倖田來未
★ 88-92 - W (ダブルユー)
★ 93-95 - Hello!Project Various
★ 97-98 - 土屋アンナ
★ 99-102 NANA

★ Wallpapers:
★ 嘉陽愛子
★ 楊丞琳
★ 大塚愛
★ 後藤真希
★ 菅谷梨沙子
★ 道重さゆみ

( My happy Birthday Comes<3)
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102 Jpop Icons [20 May 2007|09:48pm]

★ 1-22 - hitomi
★ 23 - Sifow
★ 24-35 - 安倍麻美
★ 26-29 - 安倍なつみ
★ 30-31 - 道重さゆみ
★ 32-35 - 新垣里沙
★ 36-40 - 久住小春
★ 41-48 - 飯田圭織
★ 49-58 - 後藤真希
★ 59-76 - 美勇伝
★ 77-102 - GAM [松浦亜弥,藤本美貴]

( Do it!Now.)
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[23 Mar 2007|04:48pm]

11☆Tanaka Reina
17☆Konno Asami
12☆Matsuura Aya
07☆Goto Maki
04☆Miyazaki Aoi

(follow the fake cut)
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[06 Oct 2006|09:11pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I'm currently selling a lot of my Jrock flyers as well as a Morning Musume poster!Collapse )

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Morning Musume 6th generation moodthemes [29 Jul 2006|10:38pm]

Four moodthemes!

Download them here
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[29 Apr 2006|11:21pm]
[16] x Morning Musume 6th generation icons

• Credit kikons or pinkucherii
• Upload on your own server
• No editing


(Ai no dai 6kan)

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[19 Mar 2006|05:48pm]

Hey guys! It's time for the results of the Morning Musume member ranking poll I took. Sorry for the delay, but I was having computer difficulties.

Anyway, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, I asked people to rank their favorite MM members from 1 - 10, 1 being their favorite and 10 being their least favorite. The results are as follows: the girl with the lowest score is one who got the most favorable positions and the one with the highest score got the most least favorable. I'll say who got which spot, what their overall score was, where they scored highest and where they scored lowest.

71 people participated and I'd like to thank you all very much! It was fun and interesting. :D

Drumroll... X)Collapse )

This has been x-posted to each community I posted the voting in. Sorry if it floods your friends page!
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[09 Mar 2006|08:32pm]

I want to conduct a little experiment. The Morning Musume BBS that I lurk on recently did this. Each person ranked their favorite current Morning Musume members 1 - 10 and then someone listed all the totals, summing up who is the average favorite, least favorite, etc. By reading both what the BBS fanbase and the LJ fanbase's opinions are so regularly, I've really noticed how different they can be. I think the biggest difference is that there seems to be a lot more girls in the LJ fanbase and more guys in the BBS fanbase. I'd like to see if LJ's results drastically differ. :)

SO! Please rank your favorite current Morning Musume members 1 - 10. One being your favorite, 10 being your least favorite. If you're like me, you like them all, so just rank your very favorite to the one you're most indifferent towards. :)

After one week I'll total all the results and see what happens. I'm crossposting this a million times so I can get the largest group of results possible, so if I'm flooding your friends page, I apologize. XD; Please, only post your top ten in ONE community. That makes it A LOT easier for me to tally the results.

My top 10!Collapse )

By the way, here's the original thread, in case you're interested in seeing how they conducted things and what the results were.

Thank you! <3
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2nd Photobook goes to... [10 Aug 2005|09:34am]

oh darn I've forgotten about this community. Well I thought I'd share some new news.

Guess who's coming out with their 2nd Photobook in September??? ERI!!!

According to the Wani website, Eri's coming out with a new Photobook on September 16th. Here's a quote: (thx to Nishikaze)

"A cheerful and fun 16 years old daily life photobook. Set in Guam. A present reflection of Kamei Eri."

There's more good news. It also comes with a Making of DVD!!! Yay! this is so great! Guam? What a nice place, I'm sure it'll be a great PB. :D
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Hello!Project fanart community is born! [09 Aug 2005|11:39pm]



please join if you're interested in hello!project fanart and/or want to share your own!

mods, interested in affiliating? :)

xposted to 6kan, biyuuden, gimmehellopro, hello_project, hitomi_love, koi_no_fugue, miracle_night, morningmusume, p_mako, suki_yume, yoroshikuyossie, yossimako
...sorry for raping your friends page :P
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maegami kawaii kawaii [26 Apr 2005|01:37am]

[ mood | blah ]

Yea! Aren't Chinami and Eri's new haircuts cute?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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MIKI! [27 Feb 2005|03:16am]

I'm a bit late but the 26th was Miki's 20th birthday! It is also the release of her 3rd Photobook "Real 226" which you can order from Amazon.co.jp or YesAsia global/U.S.

preview picsCollapse )
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new community! again! [24 Feb 2005|05:24pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Yet again! but this time its a bit different, its a Hello! Pro rating community, not to be raining on morning_beauty and hellopro_rating's parade, this is a rating community for groups! *beams* i hope we can get lots of members! i am in the process of making the stamps now ^-^

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Sharing Community. [17 Feb 2005|10:43am]

Hi, everyone. I started a Hello! Project file sharing community. If you have a big collection and like to share or a small collection and looking for some more files, feel free to join. It's a place where people can request anything they want and share anything they want, as long as it's Hello! Projcet related.


It's new, but if you love sending and recieving and trading and sharing your files, it's a great place to go. Everyone can find something new if there's a big crowd.

Thanks for your time ^^

If this is against rules, sorry, I didn't notice, so feel free to delete it.
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[16 Feb 2005|03:25pm]

Because contredance rocks for making this community~

Do it Now PV of Reina, Eri and Sayumi <3 for those that don't have it. ^^

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Fansites [16 Feb 2005|12:36am]

Nice to see a community for 6th gen. Here are some individual 6 gen member fansites I'd like to share.

Everything-Eririn.net (my Eri Kamei fansite)
Girlie.Reina Reina Tanaka fansite by Girlie

there was a Sayumi site but it seems to be offline now and I haven't found any Miki sites, but I'll look out for any.

edit: fixed link
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