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Ai no Dai 6kan

Love's 6th Happening

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Hallo and welcome to Ai no Dai 6kan, a fan community for all three (well, four really) members of Morning Musume's sixth generation - Michishige Sayumi, Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina and the Hello! Project soloist Fujimoto Miki! There are a lot of fan communities for the different Morning Musume girls popping up at present, but none for any of the sixth generation... So I made one myself! Please feel free to join and post - I don't really mind what you post, so long as it has something to do with one or more of the 6th Gen girls. But what would a community be without rules? So of course, here are ours!

1) Like I said, you can post anything at all, so long as it concerns at least one of the 6th Gen girls. This means you can post mp3s, PVs, wallpapers, icons... Anything like that!
2) Don't be afraid to post a lot! That'll keep us alive!
3) No flaming or otherwise being disrespectful to any of our members, any of Morning Musume, or anyone else. Please don't be mean, that's not what this community's for!
4) Sure, you can promote your own communities, just keep it related to Hello!Project in some way. Remember to promote us too though, ne?
5) Have lots and lots of fun! This is the most important rule, I don't want anyone not following it, okay?

This community is run by the beautiful and talented contredance, so feel free to contact her with anything you might want to say!
Email: mizuiro.girlfriend@gmail.com
AIM: xMoiDixManax
MSN: kouji_sama@hotmail.com



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koi_no_fugue For W!
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